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TRINIDAD - X SERIES - JACK - 90% - 30g

TRINIDAD - X SERIES - JACK - 90% - 30g

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90% Tungsten

Length 52.0mm

Max Diameter 8.0mm

Weight 30.0g

A first for TRiNiDAD to release a model for steel tip only.
At 30g, a super heavy barrel that can be thrown easily by utilizing the weight of the barrel.

As there is no weight regulation for steel tip, the super heavy JACK STEEL is a barrel that will surely provide a new experience as this weight simply cannot be experienced in soft tip.

Weight of the barrel at 30g, by using the indent at the gripping area, the dart will fly directly towards the target with just a simple swing of the arm. It will also make it easy to grasp the throwing feel with a heavy barrel. Another merit of a heavy barrel is that it will make it easy to visualize the trajectory when throwing it. Without the need to deliberately throw the dart, the dart will fly with great force towards the target by just letting go of the dart during the throwing motion.

In addition, at 30g, this will help force the darts to achieve tight groupings as it will not bounce off easily.

With a steel model only release, one can surely feel TRiNiDAD's passion and seriousness towards steel tip darts.

TRiNiDAD -Original Darts Brand- - eDarts Ireland Ltd. 

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