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TRINIDAD - X SERIES - TUCKER - 90% - 23.5g

TRINIDAD - X SERIES - TUCKER - 90% - 23.5g

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 90% Tungsten

Length 52.0mm

Max Diameter 6.8mm

Weight 23.5g

Arrival of the 23.5g super heavy, long straight barrel.

A smart hard puncher that will help find your ideal grip position.

This barrel is designed with the intention to help a player find their ideal grip with ease.

The grip consists of dot cuts and double ring cuts and are positioned in such a way that it will fit well with one's fingers.

Near the back of the barrel, there is an indent with micro ring cut that will play a vital role assisting in completing the ideal grip.

The ring cuts near the front are elevated by design to assist in positioning one's middle finger on the barrel.

Despite being a straight barrel, with such design at the front and the back, it will help those that use 3-4 fingers to find the ideal grip on the barrel.

However, a straight barrel's attribute and advantage are still retained as one can still find their grip on any part of the barrel based on feel.

Whether gripping at the back, mid or front, the weight of 23.5g will provide for a stable throw and allows one to find the best position to hold the barrel.

Thus, the super heavy long straight barrel TUCKER will assist you in finding the perfect grip position either by its design or by feel.

TRiNiDAD -Original Darts Brand- - eDarts Ireland Ltd. 

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