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SHOT - RANNSAKA - 90% - STEEL TIP DARTS - 22g/23g/24g/25g

SHOT - RANNSAKA - 90% - STEEL TIP DARTS - 22g/23g/24g/25g

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Come in on stealth – this 90% tungsten rear-weighted barrel’s sleekly tapered nose builds super tight groupings on the board. Harder than a Norse winter, dipped in a hue of blood red on leather, Rannsaka has the mighty Viking Siege interlocking grip spanning the mid-section. It’s time to rise, win, and take it all. Because you don’t play by the rules, you make them.

The new Marauder grip has 12 lateral cuts that wick away anything between you and the tungsten. The smoother sections towards the front prevent your front finger from feeling sticky. Wide pyramid grooves break up the Marauder grip and offer strong reference points. Additional V cuts in the rear give more grit where it's needed.

Weight Diameter Length
22 Gram
23 Gram
24 Gram
25 Gram
51mm - eDarts Ireland Ltd.

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