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BULL'S - ADON - 90% - STEEL TIP DARTS - 21g/23g/25g

BULL'S - ADON - 90% - STEEL TIP DARTS - 21g/23g/25g

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90% Tungsten

Length 21g - 51.5mm, 23g - 51.5mm, 25g - 51.5mm

Max Diameter 21g - 6.3mm, 23g - 6.5mm, 25g - 6.8mm

Weight 21.0g, 23.0g & 25.0g

An extraordinary bronze look and the highest quality characterize the Adon. Adon is made of 90% tungsten and was created using high-precision CNC milling technology. This dart also has a tested weight deviation of <0.1g. The bronze titanium coating rounds off the barrel impressively. The machined tips with their additional special grip give the player maximum control over their darts.  Available in 21g, 23g and 25g.

Bulls Darts | Darts Review Channel - eDarts Ireland Ltd.

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