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We would be delighted if you want to wear our logo on your match shirt!

Just add (up to 2 badges) to your order and we'll send them with it!


We do not accept responsibility for any accidents or incorrectly applied badges, it is entirely at your own risk!

These badges are semi-permanent and are expected to last for 30+ washes. 

You will need a piece of baking paper (approx. A4 size) big enough to cover the base of your iron.


1.  Iron Shirt first so no creases where the badge is going

2.  Keep your shirt on the ironing board with the board (and cover) directly underneath where the badge is going to be placed (make sure there is plenty of flat area under the badge)

3.  Peel the paper off back of the badge and position the badge on the shirt

4.  Place baking paper over the badge

5.  With the Iron on hot (no steam though) press down over the baking paper firmly without moving it from side to side

6.  Hold for approx. 3 seconds.  Have a quick check and apply again for just 2 second if it has not stuck

7.  That's it! - eDarts Ireland Ltd.


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